Now that 'The Hobbit' is finally on the road to production, Tolkien groupies and Led Zeppelin enthusiasts will be able to see the last great Middle Earth adventure. And while Ringers have waited a very long time to see Bilbo Baggins' battle with Smaug the dragon, perhaps there is one sobering reality that they refuse to admit: After the 'Hobbit' saga is finished, what's left to watch? What possible epics featuring dwarves, elves and wizards could possibly entertain you after you've read and watched the best?

Well, how would you react if we told you a secret installment of 'Lord of the Rings' in some other-worldly language existed, circulating among a few intrepid literary archivists, building in rumor to the point of myth? Now what if we told you that that new 'Lord of the Rings' story has finally arrived Stateside -- and that you can read it for free right now. Curious?
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