For a moment there, it looked like the 'Dark Knight Rises' rumor mill had finally run out of steam. You know you're grasping at straws when everyone gets noisy and excited when an actress (Anne Hathaway!) casually mentions the name of the character that we all knew she was playing (Catwoman!). However, Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest reports that he spoke with "a good source near the Batcamp" who was able to spill the beans on what may actually be going down plot-wise in what is sure to be the blockbuster event of 2012.

Well, if it turns out to be true...

As the article dutifully points out, director Christopher Nolan is no stranger to employing all kinds of internet derring-do and subterfuge to throw nosy movie nerds off the trail of what he's actually up to. If you want to remain completely in the dark though, go no further. Here there be potential (albeit broad) spoilers.
The villains in the film will represent the League of Shadows (also known in the comic book word as the League of Assassins), a mysterious organization of vigilante types who use their vast network of agents and assassins to secretly manipulate the world. Even if you're not a comic book geek, the name should ring a bell: Bruce Wayne almost joined them and eventually fought against them in 'Batman Begins', killing their leader, Ra's Al Ghul (AKA, Liam Neeson). In 'The Dark Knight Rises', the League will be controlled by his daughter, Talia Al Ghul (still apparently not cast) and Bane (Tom Hardy) will be her right-hand man. In comic lore, Talia and Batman developed a romance that led to her having his child, but that's a detail that feels unlikely to make it's way into the film (but who really knows at this point?).

Or none of that is true and Nolan is hiding behind a corner, giggling as we dissect his carefuly planted misinformation. We would never put that past him. Nolan is well known for hiding behind corners while people speculate about his future work.

The original post also has a few other tidbits you Bat-fans will surely be interested in (including a cool take on how Catwoman will function in the film), but what's most intriguing about this news is how Nolan seems to be rounding out his trilogy by tying everything back to the first film. The ultra-realistic, Michael Mann-inspired 'The Dark Knight' was itself a pretty drastic leap forward from the slightly more fantastical (emphasis on that "slightly") 'Batman Begins,' so it'll be interesting to see Nolan try to reconcile the loose story ends of the first film with the style and tone of the second. Seeing a more experienced Bruce Wayne deal with the repercussions of his actions from his first vigilante adventures should tie Nolan's story together into a pristine little package, allowing his three-part story to feel complete.

And then you can look forward to 'Untitled Batman Reboot' in 2015. You know that's coming.
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