LoveFilm -- Amazon's British version of Netflix -- recently took a poll with their 1.6 million subscribers asking them which scenes in movies do people pause the most. Some of the results are predictable and most of them involve sexy stuff (and Disney). Other movie moments seem more enjoyable in motion versus a still image -- like the stormtrooper clunker which has a great sound accompaniment. Films like 'The Back-Up Plan' are new, but the bare booty scene on the list feels like it would have been more popular in the '90s (confusing).

Check out the top ten list of most-paused movie moments after the jump, and let us know which films deserve inclusion.

The Movie:'Basic Instinct'
The Moment: Sharon Stone crossing her legs.
Rank: 31%

Ah, 1992 -- those were simpler times. And Michael Douglas was in every psycho-sexual thriller -- including this one directed by Paul Verhoeven -- where Sharon Stone flashes her kitty to a group of detectives hot on her tail. This interrogation scene is the reason why most audiences can forgive Sharshar for the dreadful 'Basic Instinct 2,' and the scary, mile-high bouffant she sported at this year's Oscar's.

The Movie:'The Back-Up Plan'
The Moment: Jennifer Lopez's naked rear.
Rank: 16%

It's a shame that J-Lo's career has been dominated by her ass, but at the same time, it's made her rich. It's also put treacherous movies like 'The Back-Up Plan' in theaters, which isn't exactly bootylicious.

The Movie:'Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope'
The Moment: Stormtrooper bangs his head.
Rank: 15%

A stormtrooper bangs his noggin on the doorframe. A fun coincidence: moments later, the lead stormtrooper instructs the others to "See to him."

The Movie:'Trading Places'
The Moment: Jamie Lee Curtis flash.
Rank: 8%

Laurie Strode grew up and took off her top.

The Movie:'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'
The Moment: Jessica Rabbit goes commando.
Rank: 6%

Disney has a history of being naughty in their movies. When Jessica Rabbit is thrown from a taxi, her panties supposedly disappear. It's uncertain if this was just a coloring mistake, but the ambiguous scene set everyone's pause finger on overdrive.

The Movie:'Fight Club'
The Moment: Brad Pitt flashes behind doctor in hospital.
Rank: 5%

It's kind of surprising that this scene won over the "nice, big c**k" in the cigarette burns scene.

The Movie:'Iron Man 2'
The Moment: Captain America's shield appears on desk.
Rank: 4%

When Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) used Captain America's shield to prop up a pipe in his workshop, the Internet exploded. John Favreau explained the reason for the Easter Egg to MTV, "We introduced Captain America's shield briefly in one shot in the last film. An ILM artist put it in there as a joke to us for our cinesync sessions, when we're approving visual effects."

The Movie:'The Lion King'
The Moment: Dust spells out "SEX."
Rank: 3%

Disney's raunchy rep wins two spots on the list. The animation team at the Mickey Mouse empire has stated that the letters actually spell "SFX," which was meant as a harmless gag by the special effects team.

The Movie:'Tron'
The Moment: Pacman Cameo
Rank: 2%

How do you know that you've made a movie for nerds and nerds alone? A Pacman cameo ranks more pausable than any scene with Olivia Wilde in a sexy, skin-tight, latex costume.

The Movie:'Eyes Wide Shut'
The Moment: Nicole Kidman rear-end flash.
Rank: 1%

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman -- that happened. They were naked in Stanley Kubrick's last film, a lot. Nicole Kidman's 'Rabbit Hole' deserves more screentime (sorry).

Rank: 9%

Mystery! Intrigue!

[Hat Tip: Slashfilm]
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