In a genre overrun by tacky romantics movies, a film like 'Take Me Home Tonight' is wonderfully refreshing. Yes, it'll have some romance as Topher Grace's character bumps into his old high school crush, Tori Trederking (Teresa Palmer), but what sets this film apart from the rest is that it revolves around what could be an absolutely epic party, or, as the film's tagline suggests, the "Best. Night. Ever."

Now here's something we haven't seen in quite a while. 'Easy A' is certainly a hilarious high school comedy, but party-wise, there's really nothing worthy of the "epic" title and something feels wrong about calling a party epic in a film that actually dubs itself "an epic of epic epicness." Sorry, 'Scott Pilgrim.' Oh, and the trippy casino party in 'Percy Jackson?' Not school-related and more of an epic and awkward fail than anything. We're in need of an onscreen schoolparty that isn't just a scene in a movie, rather the reason for the movie's existence – all roads lead to this party. So, before you indulge in what will hopefully be just that in 'Take Me Home Tonight' this weekend, check out an epic list of epic pastime favorites.
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