Break out the Kleenex. A dog that was euthanized at an over-crowded Oklahoma shelter made a miraculous recovery from the deadly injections a day after his body was discarded in a trash dumpster, believed to be dead. The three-month-old black and white puppy was found walking around inside the bin, and has been officially named WALL-E -- after the Pixar trash compactor robot in the 2008 movie of the same name.

WALL-E tells the tale of a lone robot who is stranded on Earth in the year 2805, after the planet has been evacuated and covered in trash. An army of WALL-Es were sent to clean up the mess, but only one remains. The dog WALL-E shares a similar story. He is the only pup from his litter to survive the euthanasia -- the rest were put down as intended. WALL-E and his littermates were left outside the shelter, where staff found them "thin" and "sickly." The miracle dog does have hookworms, fleas and parasites, but has started treatments and appears to be otherwise healthy.
An Oklahoma vet has been caring for WALL-E since the bizarre events unfolded, and hundreds of people have been vying to adopt him since an ad was posted on Vet Amanda Kloski wrote on the popular pet adoption site, "We have NEVER had the problem (or BLESSING) of more than one family wishing to adopt a dog. Most of our dogs do not get this chance or opportunity even ONCE." It's always reassuring to know that happy endings don't just happen in the movies.

[via: Discovery News]

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