When it comes to comedy, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are practically bulletproof. So we didn't really need to know a lot about their new movie 'Paul' before we decided to go see it.

But luckily for us, 'Paul' sounds like it is going to be a hilariously great time with the two British comedians. In their newest movie, they play a hapless pair of geeks who stumble upon Area 51 on a cross-country road trip. While there, they pick up the titular character, a slacker alien voiced by Seth Rogen, -- dishing out another dose of that slacker Seth charm that has made him a schlub superstar -- and go on the run from deadly government agents who are ready to cut up the little gray being.

If you can't wait for its Mar. 18 release date, and you need a quick fix of Pegg/Frost comedy goodness, Unscripted will be taping it's next episode with the duo, live at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas! This is your chance to explore their cavernous knowledge of all things geek. After tackling zombies, shotgun-shooting-grandmas and now aliens, they know how to survive any disaster, and are more than willing to share valuable expertise.
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