Last week we told you how Channing Tatum, along with his producing partners Reid Carolin and Eric Bromberg, came up with an idea for a 'Peter Pan' origin story that would follow the fun, free-spirited hero in his early days and most likely tell the story of how he and Captain Hook became enemies. At the time Tatum and his crew were pitching the project around Hollywood, and after three different studios bid on it, Sony looks to have walked away with the rights.

The most interesting part of the little blurb in The Hollywood Reporter, though, is news that their pitch envisioned Peter Pan and Captain Hook as brothers, which definitely adds a new twist to the story. In 'Peter Pan' mythology, it's never really been revealed where Captain Hook came from. In J. M. Barrie's novel, the author states, "Hook was not his true name. To reveal who he really was would even at this date set the country in a blaze."

Perhaps that little secret involved Hook and Pan being brothers?
Other than that, the only real backstory we have for Captain Hook (via Barrie) was that he was "Blackbeard's boatswain, and that he was the only man Long John Silver ever feared." The most common story is that Pan cut off Hook's hand during a battle and fed it to a crocodile, thus prompting the Captain to replace his hand with a hook. Other versions (like Barrie's novel) have Pan simply tossing Hook overboard to a crocodile waiting with his mouth open.

No word yet on who is playing who, and whether Tatum will take on the role of Peter Pan or simply remain a producer. Do you like the addition that Hook and Pan were brothers? Will it add more emotion depth to the story, or does this new element ruin Pan's existing mythology?
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