Even if the movie already came out two years ago, we still love reading any daily news about Pixar's 'Up!' because everything about that movie is just wonderful.

Case in point: National Geographic TV is developing a new series entitled 'How Hard Can It Be?' -- their on take on 'Mythbusters' science-in-action experimentation -- and to kick off the new series, which premiers this fall, they finally determined if Carl Fredricksen was a genius or just crazy, by attempting to fly a real-life house with hundreds of balloons.

They used a 16-by-16-foot replica of Carl and Ellie's house and hooked it up with three hundred helium-filled weather balloons; altogether, with balloons included, the cartoon-come-to-life structure stood 10 stories high.

But did it actually fly? Check out the video after the jump.

Reaching an altitude of 10,000 feet, the house was able to fly for just about an hour -- before it landed in Paradise Falls, we're assuming.

Gizmodo has more photos of the flying house in action. Check them out before you start thinking about 'Up!' for too long and start to get choked up.

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