When it was announced a few weeks ago that screenwriter Shane Black would be directing 'Iron Man 3,' many assumed that he'd also be writing the script. It wasn't officially revealed at the time, but if you placed a wager saying the 'Lethal Weapon' scribe would indeed pen Tony Stark's next adventure, collect your winnings.

Black was at the Omaha Film Festival this weekend, where he was a featured panelist. AICN reader Krullboy was on hand for that event and reports back that after Black finished talking about his older projects, he eventually got around to discussing 'Iron Man 3.' Read on for the heroic details.

Once Black gets back to Los Angeles, he'll be meeting with star Robert Downey Jr. to begin discussing the story for the third installment in the superhero franchise. Black will be doing the heavy writing, but Downey, who worked with the director on 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang,' will be giving his input into the direction of the new film.

Of course, Marvel will also be adding their input as well. The comic powerhouse wasn't pleased with the direction of 'Iron Man 2,' and wants a sequel where Tony Stark squares off against real-world villains and not just another guy in an iron suit. Krullboy's report mentions the phrase "Tom Clancy–like thriller," which might make some folks nervous, but we're willing to give Black the benefit of the doubt.

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According to Black, 'Iron Man 3' will be made after 'The Avengers' and will not feature any crossover characters from other Marvel properties. Marvel insists that the crossover moments were something done to lead up to 'The Avengers,' and once that film is completed, they'd like to return to self-contained stories.

The writer didn't spill the beans on who this 'real-world nemesis' might be, but AICN author Quint makes the case for including one comic geeks have wanted to see all along: Iron Man's arch-nemesis, The Mandarin. Black would have to tweak the character a bit to make him fit in with the real-world vibe, but as Quint points out, it wouldn't be all that different from what Christopher Nolan has done with the 'Batman' universe. In Black's hands, this could turn out to be very cool.

What do you guys think? Black tackling the script is a definite step in the right direction, but will he wind up like Favreau, with his hands tied by Marvel concerning the direction of the film? Can he do what he does best in a PG-13 movie or is this doomed from the start? Share your thoughts, and ideas, in the comment section.
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