If you thought 'The Chronicles of Riddick' wasn't bad enough, then prepare yourself for 'The Chronicles of Rick Roll,' executive producer Andrew Fischer's new movie that pieces together a seemingly endless number of Internet memes into one surprisingly coherent story.

The story itself is simple: Rick Rolland (Fischer) meets a beautiful girl online, only to watch her get sucked into the treacherous Internet portals. In order to save her, Rick must travel inside the Internet himself, where he meets a number of Internet-made celebrities, from Bed Intruder Antoine Dodson to Double Rainbow's Paul Vasquez. It's sort of like 'TRON' meets meets 'Alice in Wonderland' meets 'Lord of the Rings' meets every other major blockbuster from the last five-to-10 years.

But before you go calling 'Rick Roll' the next 'Date Movie,' check out the trailer (after the jump), because, for all of its hyper-meta references, and as much as this author hates to admit it, it's actually kind of funny. There are a number of clever cameos (among them "Boom goes the dynamite!"'s Brian Collins) and Fischer seems to be self-aware enough to know that what he's doing is ultimately silly. Best of all, not once did it play that awful Rick Astley song.

Still, even though this trailer may wind up being just another Internet meme (or a joke on us, for that matter), Fisher is apparently serious about getting the film onto the big screen -- or so he tells CNN. Fisher "hopes the new trailer will help convince financial backers to jump on board," according to this interview.

The question now remains: Can this (admittedly funny) premise actually sustain a feature-length running time? Our early guess: probably not. Sure, it was fun to see Dodson poke fun at himself again, but there's a reason Internet celebrities are only given 15 minutes of fame. Plus, we're still hurting from that last parody movie.

You can check the trailer above and judge for yourself. Then let us know: Should 'The Chronicles of Rick Roll' actually be a movie? Or should it stay on the Internet?