After making magic from a mess with 'Mulholland Drive,' David Lynch retreated from Hollywood and created a red-curtained world on the Internet. There were no cherry pies and blue velvet in his Web wonderland, but there was dark, black coffee and short entertainment like 'DumbLand.'

Like most sites, buzz petered off over the years, becoming dormant as Lynch busied himself with transcendental teachings and miscellaneous art projects. But as his music projects increase, from red curtain singers to dark nights of the soul to self-released CDs, it was only a matter of time before his current interests breathed new life into past projects.

David Lynch is bringing back his .com as "a secret room filled with music," and you can set your clocks: It will happen on Thursday, "sometime between 1:23 and 1:38PM Pacific time."
Lynch explained to The New York Times that the new will act as a digital music store and "sensory experience." The David Lynch Music Company, as the site's current placeholder calls itself, will have more than just his recent recordings. He'll be tapping into the Lynchian, Angelo Badalamenti fiend in all of us as he mixes current tunes with sound experiments from the past that include bits from old film and television projects.

Though it sounds like a clear-cut store of surreal splendor, let's hope it offers a platform for a more fleshed-out experience behind the curtain. Maybe more looks into the ways Lynch created and collaborated on the music for his films or -- one can only hope -- 'Industrial Symphony Part 2'?

But even if cinematic twists don't enter the picture, the filmmaker offered up a faint flicker of hope that another film will come to us if we're very patient. "Fans might start looking [for a new film], but they will need a strong telescope to see it coming."
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