It's time to watch 'Things Fall Apart,' but forget Chinua Achebe. With the help of Brian Miller, 50 Cent wrote himself a sports drama that lets him bite into dramatic fare and enter the illustrious circle of actors who go skeletal for their craft. As we showed you last May, the firmly pectoraled rapper lost a whole lotta weight to play Deon, a college football star stricken with a cancerous tumor in his chest.

Now we've got a trailer to, well, experience, because just as Vulture rightly pondered, "The video quality and the musical transitions lead us to believe this was edited in somebody's basement around 2AM last night."
No wonder This Is 50 revealed it as the "unofficial" trailer.

This certainly doesn't look like a well-crafted sports drama sporting talent like Ray Liotta and directed by Mario Van Peeble, who has recently helmed television shows like 'Damages' and 'Law & Order'. In fact, the whole thing is so shoddy-looking that it seems like nothing more than a joke. Did we really just hear them say, in regards to 50 Cent, "in the most critically acclaimed role of his career"?

Granted, flicks like 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'' and 'Twelve' aren't going to earn the rapper-turned-actor critical acclaim, but to get said acclaim at all -- let alone to the point of "most critically acclaimed" -- critics have to, you know, acclaim it.

'The Blind Side' this is not: