Good friends are hard to come by, so when you spot one in a movie, you can't help but to dream -- even when that potential pal is not of this world. On March 18th, we're going to meet Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen), an alien who crash lands on Earth, is held prisoner by the government and decides now is the time to escape. That's when Paul meets Graeme and Clive (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), two nerdy guys on their way to check out Area 51. The little gray guy has his own Predator mode, enjoys Reese's Pieces, has an endless supply of wisecracks and even manages to wiggle his way into his new friends' hearts so much so that they're willing to do whatever it takes to get Paul home.

They're fun, loyal and out-of-this-world. Who wouldn't want to have an alien as friend? Well, odds are, it isn't happening, but there's certainly no harm in dreaming. Should my extra terrestrial pal ever beam him or herself down to Earth, I'm hoping he or she would be something like one of these unearthly movie characters.

E.T. from 'E.T.'
What better way to kick off this list than with one of the most iconic movie aliens of them all? Even the conception of this character screams "best friend," having stemmed from the days of Steven Spielberg's parents' divorce back in the 60s. It was an imaginary friend -- E.T., the alien -- that helped Spielberg get through the tough time. Sure enough, the onscreen E.T. fills a similar void for Elliott, not only becoming his friend, but becoming part of his family. I'd share a beer and pack of Reese's Pieces with E.T. any day.

B.O.B. from 'Monsters vs. Aliens'
Apparently Rogen has a thing for voicing likable aliens. Paul and B.O.B. may be two entirely different creatures, but Rogen's goofy and charismatic nature is certainly present in both. B.O.B. is just a wonderful creative character all around, from his design to his behavior to his back story. "A genetically altered tomato was combined with a ranch flavored dessert topping -- the resulting mass gained consciousness." Now that's clever stuff. Another great thing about having a buddy like B.O.B.? He makes for the perfect garbage disposal.

Ewoks from 'Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi'
So maybe Chewbacca would be a more functional alien pal, perhaps as a personal bodyguard or even Yoda with all his wisdom and Jedi skills; but those adorable little Ewoks have a special place in my heart. This might have something to do with being quite young the first time I saw this film and relating to the fuzzy guys as though they were stuffed animals, but what's wrong with having a buddy like that? It's kind of like having a dog, but a dog that can the crap out of invading Stormtroopers.

Squeeze Toy Aliens from 'Toy Story'
Okay, again, quite ineffectual; or so you think. They don't really do too much in the first two films, but without spoiling anything for those who are way too far behind on catching 'Toy Story 3,' these little guys come through big time. Again, I can't help but liken the squeeze toy aliens to dogs, man's best friend. After Mr. Potato Head saves them from flying out the truck window in 'Toy Story 2,' they declare, "You have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful." Talk about loyalty. And then in the latest film, the moment during which they act on that eternal gratefulness is one of the most beautifully heart-wrenching scenes in the film.

Mike Wazowski from 'Monsters, Inc.'
Yes, Mike Wazowski comes from the movie 'Monsters, Inc.,' but come on, the guy looks like an alien. Anyway, while Sully might be the more lovable of the duo, Mike's the man -- err, monster -- err, alien with the plan. He's smart, resourceful and, to top it all off, knows when simply being a good friend should be top priority. The only downside to hanging out with Mike is Celia. She's a cool character and all, but who wants to hang out with someone with hair that'll hiss at you the whole time?

Neytiri from 'Avatar'
Sorry guys, Neytiri didn't make the list for naughty reasons. She's here because, well, she just feels human. The Na'vi may call an alien planet home and have a rich culture wildly different from our own, but there's something about the population that's relatable, which likely has something to do with why she caught Jake Sully's eye. She may ride Toruks, have sex via her hair and pray to Eywa, but otherwise, she resembles a real person with very tangible values, hopes and dreams. Neytiri is for the folks looking to connect with a friend on that more emotional level.

Christopher Johnson from 'District 9'
It's tough enough to watch those poor prawns suffer in the confines of District 9, but it's particularly hard seeing Christopher Johnson struggle in the wretched conditions -- not only because he's got a son to take care of, but because he's smart. Christopher has the remedy to Wikus' transformation and a plan for getting his kind home, but doesn't have the means to execute that plan thanks to human oppression. So, the guy is smart and has noble intentions, but should the prawns ever meld into human society, I'd like to bet he'd be an awesome guy to grab a beer with ... should you be able to decode that clicking language.
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