Earlier this week, news broke that AMC and Regal Cinemas, the two largest movie theater chains in the country, were teaming up to distribute films. The move came in response to the studios' plans to release theatrical films to VOD services like DirecTV in shorter release windows -- an action that would put theaters at a distinct disadvantage in terms of revenue when competing with the home market. Tired of relying solely on the studios for their product, the AMC-Regal deal would allow the two chains to pick up indie films for a low cost and run them in their theaters instead of relying solely on studio product.

AMC has taken things one step further, announcing today a partnership with The Collective, an entertainment and content management company, and horror website Bloody-Disgusting, designed to bring international and under-the-radar horror films to a wider audience.

Hit the jump for release details and the first three titles to be featured in this new venture.
Official release dates haven't been announced for the first wave of features, but the parties promise that a new genre film will debut each month, playing at least twice a week in 32 key markets. If that's not cool enough, there will also be special midnight showings of the films on Friday nights starting in May. This is all great, although the 32 markets thing is a slight downer. Those of us who don't live in a metropolitan area will still most likely get the proverbial shaft. After the theatrical run concludes, the films will be available on VOD and DVD -- often in unrated form with extra features and the usual assortment of supplemental goodies.

For the debut of the program, AMC and Bloody-Disgusting have lined up three highly anticipated films guaranteed to make gorehounds squeal with glee. Sometime in the near future, horror fans will be able to check out 'Cold Fish,''Rammbock' and 'YellowBrickRoad.'

'Cold Fish' is Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono's latest. The filmmaker who gave us 'Suicide Club' is back with another dark tale, this one focusing on a serial killer, based on true events. The film earned praise at various festivals, including Fantastic Fest and the Toronto International Film Festival.

'Rammbock' is Marvin Kren's Fantastic Fest favorite about a group of survivors trying to fight off a horde of zombies in a Berlin apartment building. Hopefully it's better than the French zombie film 'The Horde.'

'Yellowbrickroad,' meanwhile, finds a group of researchers working to discover what happened to the citizens of the town of Friar, New Hampshire. Everyone in the small town followed a trail out of Friar in 1940 and were never heard from again. A modern group of historians finds the trail and tries to piece together what happened.

All three films -- and AMC and Bloody-Disgusting's new plan -- sound great. Hopefully fans support this so that Hollywood realizes there is an audience for these kinds of films in the theater. Will you venture out to see some of the creepy films on the big screen or do you prefer to watch your horror from the comfort of your own home?

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