This week marks a sad occasion: the one-year passing of former teen icon Corey Haim, who died on March 10 following complications from pneumonia. Much of Haim's upbringing -- starring in a series of hit '80s movies, his troubles with drug addiction and his efforts at a comeback -- has been widely documented. However, Haim re-entered the news even before this anniversary, after being snubbed from the "In Memoriam" package at the Academy Awards.

We here at Moviefone will gladly tout films like 'Lucas' and 'The Lost Boys' as beloved classics, so we thought we would take this moment to do what the Academy didn't do: honor the life and career of Corey Haim.

Moviefone has created an "In Memoriam" video to celebrate his body of work and the impact he had on audiences, featuring narration by Haim's on- and off-screen buddy Corey Feldman, who also shared additional thoughts on Haim's talents, their relationship and how he has dealt with the past year.
Watch Moviefone's In Memoriam Tribute to Corey Haim (Narrated by Corey Feldman)

(Video by Avaryl Halley)

Corey Feldman Remembers Corey Haim:

Growing Up Together

Corey was such an anomaly, because quite honestly, he could barely read. Literally as a kid, he was so poorly educated as a child that he had to have his mom read his lines to him at 13, 14 years old. You would never know that watching the films because he does it so brilliantly and so effortlessly that it's second nature. At the end of the day, I was there, I saw what was going on, he was literally being spoon-fed the lines while he was in the trailer, while he was preparing, but once he was on set, he commanded it.

On Their Troubled Past
I can't say that I necessarily have any specific regrets in our relationship, [except] the fact that we partied together when we were so young, but we were both young and stupid and didn't know any better. I certainly didn't know at the time that me allowing him to do drugs with me would've caused his eventual demise. But as kids, we were just kids making mistakes and learning together. That's the beauty of life and you have to go through life's challenges. Unfortunately, where I grew and got my life together, Corey didn't really get that until the very end when it was unfortunately too late.

The Oscars "In Memoriam" Snub
It re-irritates the situation again, like having a sunburn and somebody coming by and slapping the back of your neck. People say he never did a movie that was Academy Award worthy. Bullsh*t. Have you ever seen 'Lucas'? He should have been nominated for that performance, especially if you knew Corey. It was so much of a stretch for his personality, especially when he was 11, 12 years old. It was a landmark performance. It was breakout performance. It was the one of the most brilliant performances I've seen to this day by a child actor. Only surpassed by Ricky Schroeder in 'The Champ.' To me, those are the two top child performances I've seen in my entire life.

On the Past Year Without Haim
We did spend most of our lives together, and he became a brother, in the truest sense of the word ... I was whimpering in bed this morning thinking about it. It's one of those things where I'll think of something funny and I want to call Corey; that's not going to happen. Or I'll think we should do a sequel to this. That was how our relationship worked. We would think of ideas and we would come up with a plan to make it happen. I don't think there's been anybody else in my entire life that I've been able to do that with. To get together on a creative level and create ideas and formulate them and realize them into reality. I really miss that. I really miss him as a human being.

Although he was challenging, to say the least, he was so rewarding in the sense that he was a dynamic kind of energy that is unparalleled on this Earth ... Fortunately I'm a very positive person and a spiritual person, and I thank God every day for the gift of my son, because honestly that's the one thing that's kept me going and moving forward through it all.

Fans, let us know: what are your fondest memories of Corey Haim?

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