RoboCop will be getting another shot at the big screen after all. MGM has hired Josh Zetumer to write the reboot of the series about a murdered cop who's brought back to life as a cyborg killing machine for the Detroit police. Newcomer Zetumer is bubbling to the surface of Hollywood scribes, according to a report at Deadline: His 'Infiltrator' script is at Warner Bros. as a potential starring vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio; he wrote drafts of the remake of 'Dune' for Paramount; he scripted a fourth installment of the Bourne franchise; and he completed a supernatural action thriller for Warner Bros. Brazilian director Jose Padilha will helm this RoboCop, which MGM hopes will spearhead -- along with the next James Bond installment -- the studio's recovery from bankruptcy.

Now that he's not tackling 'The Three Stooges,'Benicio Del Toro is sliding into the directors chair to make his debut as one of the helmers involved in '7 Days in Havana,' an anthology film in which seven directors each take on story lines that occur on one day of the week to provide a slice of life in Cuba. According to Deadline, Del Toro's segment, 'Monday,' is being shot as a documentary, and it stars Josh Hutcherson as he explores the culture of the island for the first time. The other segments are being directed by Laurent Cantet, Gaspar Noe, Elia Suleiman, Pablo Trapero, Julio Medem and Juan Carlos Tabio.
Director Robert Luketic, who has been struggling to top the success of his freshman outing 'Legally Blonde' -- but has been bogged down with such mediocre rom-com outings as 'Monster-in-law,' 'The Ugly Truth' and 'Killers' -- has signed up with Lakeshore Entertainment to direct a thriller. 'Brilliant' revolves around a small-time criminal who joins accomplished thieves in a diamond heist. No start date has been set, and the film does not yet have a distributor. But now that Luketic has joined the production, casting can begin. [Variety]
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