Iconic writer Ernest Hemingway is reuniting, in part, with Canada.

HBO is currently crafting a biography -- 'Hemingway & Gellhorn' -- starring Clive Owen as Papa and Nicole Kidman as his third wife (leading war correspondent Martha Gellhorn), who inspired his novel 'For Whom the Bell Tolls.'

Now Deadline reports that the supporting cast has come together -- a wild collection that stretches from the critical acclaim of David Strathairn (playing John Dos Passos), to the indie quirk of Parker Posey (who will play fourth wife, Mary), to the metal-headed music of Lars Ulrich (as Dutch documentarian Joris Ivens). But there's one more notable casting bite -- leading Canadian actress Molly Parker will play second wife, Pauline, and thus get Hemingway's last cent.
It's fitting that some Canadian flavor should be worked into the film. After being wounded during World War I, a young Hemingway moved to Toronto to work for the Toronto Star Weekly. He stayed in the city for roughly a year, and by 1921, he'd married his first wife Hadley and became a foreign correspondent for the paper.

It was in Europe that he met and married his second wife, Pauline Pfeiffer (Molly Parker). Fast-forward ten years, Hemingway began to cover the Spanish Civil War (where he met Gellhorn), while Pauline worked on their home in Key West.

Hemingway had wanted a pool, and his wife began to work on creating the first residential swimming pool on the Key, but what he came home to was something beyond his imagination -- a pool that cost a whopping $20,000. Legend tells different tales that range from humor to anger over his wife's extravagance, but ultimately, the writer pulled a penny out of his wallet and threw it down, telling Pauline that she might as well have his last cent. (A penny rests at the poolside to this day.)

Only two years later, Hemingway married Gellhorn, the focus of HBO's film.

While we might not get a glimpse of his early reporter days in Toronto, at least this production has some killer CanCon and -- let's hope -- a recreation of that poolside drama.
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