SXSW Film Festival Day 1


If you're new to the SXSW Film Festival (meaning you're new to Austin), then you must, without fail, check out our own Jette Kernion's Ultimate SXSW Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Film Venues. Keep it handy, analog or digital style. Our suggestion? Go digital. The world's forests will thank you.

With so many films on tap (not to mention so much beer on tap on Austin's famed Sixth Street), deciding on what to see at the SXSW Film Festival (and that's not including the overlapping music and all-things-digital festivals) can be nothing short of overwhelming, especially for first-time SXSW fest goers. Luckily. Cinematical's own Erik Childress has kindly provided those very same fest goers with a 10 Best of SXSW. Read it, check out Mr. Childress' suggestions at the first (or second) opportunity, and, time permitting, make your way back to Cinematical and share your thoughts with those of us who couldn't attend the SXSW Film Fest in person.

This year, Duncan Jones' ('Moon') second film, 'Source Code,' a sci-fi actioner (it's been described as 'Groundhog Day' with a Bomb, officially kicked off the SXSW Film Festival,. Cinematical's Scott Weinberg, in Austin for the fest, reviews 'Source Code.' Of 'Source Code,' Weinberg says it's "not nearly as original as his first film, but it is the next best thing to unique: it's two or three familiar ideas tossed into a blender, whipped into a tasty concoction, and delivered with a great deal of style and confidence."

Even if you start with Mr. Childress' 10 Best of SXSW list, the SXSW Film Fest has much, much more to offer cine-fans. For that (and more), check out IndieWIRE's SXSW 2011: A Guide to All the Films."

You can also get a sampling of IndieWIRE's extensive interviews with filmmakers presenting their films at the festival, Meet the 2011 SXSW Filmmakers | "Happy New Year," "Matter of Taste" & "The Dish."


24 Frames, one of the Los Angeles Times' film-related blogs, has a must-read piece on horror auteur Ti West ('The House of the Devil'). West's next film, 'The Innkeepers,' will premiere Saturday night at SXSW.

The Hollywood Reporter has a South by Southwest 2011: 10 Things Not to Miss that, well, you probably don't want to miss if you're attending SXSW.

In Austin for the first time and not sure where to grab a bite to eat before, during, or after screenings? Austin-based film site Gordon and the Whale has a handy SXSW Eating Guide for your perusal.

On Twitter, Meg Fowler suggests turning "a couple of the parties into last minute fundraisers for tsunami relief." It's a great idea that deserves to be taken seriously.

Since you've read this far, make sure you check out City's Best's SXSW hub or AOL Music's SXSW hub.