Usually when we hear about theme hotels, they're some crumbling, cheap, decades-old facades for an over-priced and kinda skeezy overnight tryst. There will be a prop or three, some theme-applicable paint colors and maybe a heart-shaped tub, but that'll be it.

But Taiwan is upping the ante a bit for movie lovers eager to live out their cinematic fantasies. Well, one cinematic fantasy in particular, for those who follow the bat signal. The Eden Exoticism Planet Hotel created an actual Bat Cave that movie fiends and Dark Knight lovers can enjoy. But it comes at a price that might keep the kiddies at home -- $50 for three hours. Obviously, this is designed for awake play and not overnight, sleepy fantasies -- it's in a love motel.
Nestled in Kaohsiung City, Eden Motel has wild theme rooms from jail cells and comics to a Batman room. The suite mixes old-school touches like a yellow and black bat signal headboard with an actual modern batmobile seat. And that's to say nothing of the bats littered across the room, the rock-like dungeon atmosphere, movie posters and other niceties.

While it might not be suitable for kids, adults can also enjoy additional occasional perks like free lubrication and sexy lingerie. There's no word, however, on whether these come bat-themed as well -- perhaps a catwoman body suit or copies of that Batman porn parody?

[Boise Weekly, via Gizmodo]
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