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Christopher Campbell checks in with a review of 'The City Dark.' Of the film, Campbell concludes "More entertaining than enlightening, and at many times gorgeous to look at, as long as there's nothing for you to watch in the night sky anymore, 'The City Dark' is worth viewing as a substitute for stargazing, even if that might make you a bit sad on multiple levels to do so..."

Scott Weinberg reviews 'Girl Walks Into a Bar,' for Cinematical, calling it, "Half an anthology piece, of sorts, and half an "all in one night" neo-noir dark comedy, 'Girl Walks Into a Bar' is about as "experimental" a flick you'll find outside the festival circuit -- it actually debuted on YouTube following its SXSW world premiere -- but it's also unexpectedly breezy, quick-witted, and rather fun."

Peter Hall on festival favorite 'Attack the Block:' Remember when you were a teenager and had long, late-night talks with friends in between viewings of 'Predator,' 'Gremlins,' 'The Monster Squad,' or any number of other classic sci-fi/horror/action hybrids, wondering what you would do if aliens, monsters or demons ever invaded your neighborhood? Remember how you debated on end about what weapons you would use, where you'd go to hide and how much inhuman ass you would kick while saving the world? If you answered yes, then prepare to meet the movie of your Mountain Dew fueled dreams: Joe Cornish's 'Attack the Block.'

Our review of 'Paul' is upcoming; Cinematical's William Goss Tweeted, " 'Paul' has some rough geek-baiting gags, but I was won over by the time characters were making sly 'Capturing the Friedmans' references."


So far, distributors are lining up, but actual buys haven't happened for feature films debuting or otherwise being exhibited at the SXSW Film Festival, but THR suggests that two films are close to deals: 'Kill List' and 'Kumare.'

Reviewing 'The Dish and the Spoon' at SXSW, Eric Kohn says, "It's only due to the formidable chemistry of its talented leads, Greta Gerwig and Olly Alexander, that writer-director Alison Bagnall's 'The Dish and the Spoon' doesn't become an overindulgent acting exercise."

In an extensive video interview conducted by Anne Thompson, Catherine Hardwicke talks 'Red Riding Hood,' 'Twilight' and women in Hollywood.

Eric Kohn has a brief clip of TV talk-show host Conan O'Brien promoting the SXSW debut of 'Conan O'Brien Can't Stop,' the Rodman Flender-directed behind-the-scenes documentary of O'Brien's post-NBC, pre-TBS roadshow last year.


On Twitter, Cinematical's own Scott Weinberg (@scotteweinberg) had this to say about 'Kill List': "[It] kicks serious ass. Dark comedy hitman tale horror flick. Smart, clever, funny, gradually creepy too. Damn impressive. "

Our Erik Davis (@erikdavis): 'The FP:' If you mixed 'Mad Max,' 'Rocky' 3 & 4, 'Enter the Dragon,' & 'Escape From NY' together, & then made a spoof of that. Seriously rad. #sxsw

Cinematical's Eugene Novikov (@eugenenovikov): DETENTION (C-) Like SCOTT PILGRIM if it had been written by Friedberg/Seltzer.

More Twitter: Daniel Carlson on SXSW: "At a #SXSW party with a Film badge? You're doing it wrong. Go see a movie!"

Even more Twitter: Cinematical's Peter S. Hall had this to say last night, "SXSW could end right now and it'd still be an amazing fest just because of 'Attack of the Block.' "

Still More Twitter: Drew McWeeney of HitFix.com says, "Believe the hype. 'Attack the Block' is f'ing tremendous."

Twitter times 5: _iheartzombies offered up the following, "Seated for 'Detention.' Dane Cook is here. We are truly in the presence of mediocrity. Unless you know, you love re-appropriated frat humor."

The tweets never stop edition: Cinematical's own Eric D. Snider, "Problem: too many people want to see movies at the Paramount. Solution: make seeing movies at the Paramount as unpleasant as possible."

Can't be at SXSW, but want to see more? Check out the SXSW Festival's YouTube channel.

Stepping in (and stepping up), SXSW has set up a page on their website dedicated to fundraising efforts for Japan during the festival (Save Japan Fundraising at SXSW).

SXSW is never boring. According to multiple reports, Jake Gyllenhaal, in town to promote 'Source Code' Friday night, got into a skirmish in a men's bathroom. He wanted his privacy (as anyone would). A fan, however, wanted to take his picture.

For another, on-the-ground take on the SXSW festival, check out Slackerwood.com's coverage. Jenn Brown's SXSW Day Two coverage includes a must-see doc, a must-see narrative and celebrity sightings, Austin style.

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