If you haven't been wooed by Charlie Sheen's #winning prose, perhaps this 1989 teaser for 'A Tale of Two Sisters' will seduce you and get your tiger blood boiling. The troubled actor narrated the Troma (read: ridiculously fun, low-budget) movie with a poem that touches on everything from "ugly deeds" to "petty greed." The whole production was based on the warlock's poem, in fact, and tells the tale of two sisters who reunite after a five year absence. "Their intimate dialogue paints a kaleidoscope of erotic fantasies, failed loves and lost innocence."

The teaser starts out like a weirdsies version of the beach scene in 'From Here to Eternity,' and ends with a very '80s-looking family dinner. The real star of the show is the poetry, however, which is written in a morose, disturbed Dr. Seuss style and includes questionable lines like: "Daddy's eyes on front-page news, mommy accuses innocent Jews. Sister one and sister two, complaining now, can't find a shoe." He also talks about being in a "menstrual mood." Oh, Charlie.

Check out the teaser below, because all of your Tuesday poetry readings should be this mental (menstrual) and entertaining.