English actress Hayley Atwell, who was recently cast in the upcoming 'Captain America' adaptation, has been attached to writer/director Barnaby Southcombe's feature debut, 'I, Anna.' Atwell joins seasoned stars Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne in the noir thriller based on the novel by Elsa Lewin as Emmy, the daughter of Rampling's title character.

The London-set suspense tale is "told from the point of view of a femme fatale who falls for the detective in charge of a murder case." Detective Chief Inspector Bernie Kominski (Byrne) -- whose life has been tousled by the prospect of a divorce -- is first on the scene of the crime, but becomes distracted by an encounter with a mysterious woman. He tracks her down later, where they reunite at a singles party, but Anna has no recollection of Bernie or the night they met. As Anna's story starts to unravel, painful truths are revealed. Eddie Marsan, Jodhi May, Bill Milner and Honor Blackman also star.
Atwell's worked with Rampling before on 'The Duchess,' and made a name for herself in Woody Allen's 'Cassandra's Dream' and Julian Jarrold's 'Brideshead Revisited.'Variety's casting update doesn't report on the depth of Atwell's role in the film, but we do know the movie's currently in post-production which could be a red flag depending on the extent of her involvement.

Composer Rob Lord, who prepared a score for a scene in the film last year when Southcombe shopped his picture around the Berlin Film Festival, indicated on his blog that, "The project received more interest than any other film at the festival by quite a large margin." Time will tell, but does Atwell's involvement peak your curiosity further?

[hat tip to ByrneHolics]
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