Mashups always let us see how things could be -- you know, imagining your favorite horror stories as romances, your favorite comedies as thrillers. But there are some creations that take it a step further -- ones that just must become reality because they take that source material and invigorate it with such life that you can't imagine how it hasn't happened already.

That's just what happens when you take the sound from 'Sucker Punch' trailers and superimpose it on the world of Disney's princesses. In a flash, all of the long-argued controversy and stereotypical embodiments get brushed out the door for the sort of reboot Hollywood should be looking into.
Movieline is right to note that the following mashup is a reminder of "how many Disney ladies didn't kick ass." However, it's also a great lesson in how the Mouse House could modernize and re-craft the image and reception of their Disney princesses. Obviously, there are tons of killer moments in the Disney films, but they get smoothed over by the one-note messages. Imagine if all these ladies really got to face the dangers in their films and pull out their inner strength as Led Zeppelin plays. The response would be killer. As they say, "If you can dream ..."

Until Disney listens to our dreams, we have this mashup. Enjoy!

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