Paul is a Judd Apatow character mashed-up with 'E.T.' A slacker space alien who gets stuck on earth and needs to get home. Instead of finding good-hearted, impressionable children to help him, he gets two grown comic book geeks. Of course, hilarity ensues and most alien stereotypes are shattered.

In honor of 'Paul's' release this weekend, Moviefone has collected cinema's ten funniest aliens. Choosing these creatures is more difficult than you would think. There are more space comedies than you would think. It's odd because UFO nerds are constantly wondering whether aliens will be friendly or warlike, but you never hear anyone wondering if they'll be hilarious.
10. Frank the Pug from 'Men In Black' (1997)
Voiced by the same actor who voiced Johnny Number 5 in 'Short Circuit,' Tim Blaney, and portrayed by trained pug Mushu, this little alien uses the K-9 getup to hide his identity. Still, he has trouble biting his tongue. Frank only has a small part in the first film, but director Barry Sonnenfeld liked the character so much he gave the dog a much bigger role in the sequel.

9. Ford Prefect from 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' (2005)
Mos Def most definitely had a lot to live up to with playing this iconic character. Prefect is very beloved by fans of the novel and he'd been interpreted on radio and television previously. However, the actor-turn-rapper-turn-actor did as standup job as the alien who's seen it all and never surprised by the crazy universe they begin to explore.

8. Beldar Conehead from 'Coneheads' (2003)
Inspired by a popular sketch from the early days of 'Saturday Night Live,' Beldar, played by Dan Akroyd, and his wife are Remulakians posing as humans and raising their daughter. People are taken-aback by their odd appearance, but Beldar explains it's because they're from France and they seem to understand. His head isn't the only odd thing about him. Beldar speaks very monotone, eats like a Great White Shark and runs a driving school of all things. Oh, and he also kind of forgot to take over earth.

7. Howard from 'Howard the Duck' (1986)
Executive-produced by George Lucas, the movie is considered one of his earliest failures. However, as children, there is nothing funnier than drinking, smoking, "Quack Fu" fighting giant duck that talks. The nostalgia factor alone saves this film. Howard tries to get back to his home planet, Duckworld, but isn't above partying in Cleveland for the time being.

6. Yoda from 'The Empire Strikes Back' (1980)
This little Jedi Master is incredibly powerful and wise, but he's also funny in his own way. Upon first meeting Luke Skywalker, he doesn't approach the young Jedi as a superior. He pretends to be some annoying scavenger. After his identity is revealed, Yoda's intellect, odd way of speaking and high-pitched, deadpan delivery result in some great one-liners.

5. Stitch from 'Lilo & Stitch' (2002)
This animated Disney character is an intergalactic genetic experiment gone wrong. Stitch is too aggressive and nearly indestructible. His creator is sent to prison and Stitch is exiled to a desert asteroid. However, he's able to escapes to Earth and Hawaii, where he meets Lilo. She teaches him to behave by telling him to act like Elvis Presley. Her odd advice and his unique powers lead to a number of funny situations.

4. Wiploc, Zeebo and Mac from 'Earth Girls Are Easy' (1988)
Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans and Jeff Goldblum play furry aliens come to Earth in search of our lovely women. After befriending Valerie (Gina Davis), they are shaved and look like humans. They're odd mannerisms and lack of our customs make them funny fish-out-of-water characters. While the plot is '80s cheese, there is too much comedic talent involved to not get laughs.

3. The Martians from 'Mars Attacks!' (1996)
These are the only warlike aliens included. While they attempt to take over earth by killing every human alive, they're so silly while they do it. In typical Tim Burton, the Martians aren't like anything you've seen before. They speak in indecipherable, white noise barks and move with flare of a Shakespearean actor. And the best part, spoiler alert, they're defeated in the end by Slim Whitman's song, "Indian Love Call," which causes their brains to explode.

2. The Thermians from 'Galaxy Quest' (1999)
This film took a lot of critics by surprise. After seeing Tim Allen's previously family comedies hopes for this one wasn't high. However, it ended up being great, with The Thermians being a big hit with audiences. The impressionable aliens take a 'Star Trek'-like show for reality and ask the cast to save them from a reptilian warlord. Since they have no concept of irony or sarcasm, these aliens believe anything, which lends to a lot of great jokes.

1. Barf from 'Spaceballs' (1986)
This Mel Brooks work is arguably the funniest space comedy of all-time. There are more great one-liners than we can reprint, for fear of crashing our server. John Candy's performance as a giant humanoid dog is inspired. What if space aliens end up being goofy, lazy creatures like this? Man will have a new best friend.
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