Happy St. Patrick's Day. Fittingly, here is a review of a film about a guy of Irish descent directed by the guy who directed 'Leprechaun 2.'

One of the highlights of the SXSW film festival is seeing a sold out comedy at the Paramount Theater. 1200 people laughing together is just a wonderful thing. Even better, for me, though, is seeing so many people in one room together for a documentary, as was the case for 'Conan O'Brien Can't Stop.' It's one of a few docs playing twice in such a big room this week, and (nothing against the also-great 'The Interrupters' and 'Senna') surely it's the most popular of the three.

Part of the reason for that popularity is obviously O'Brien's notoriety, and the promise of laughs is certainly a factor, as well. If I had to complain about anything, and it's somewhat appropriate with this film to be bitchy, it is actually too funny for a crowd that big. From the opening, in which the talk show host gives a surprising celebrity sighting to a star-homes tour bus, the audience could not quiet down. It's just one hilarious bit after another, and I missed many of those bits. So, I can't wait to see the doc again to fill in gaps. Also, it's just plain worthy of multiple viewings.