Hearing the words 'Larry Crowne' might make you think of 'The Thomas Crowne Affair,' or maybe, 'Charlie Wilson's War,' but Tom Hanks' reunion with Julia Roberts isn't serious. If anything, it's 'Back to School' meets 'Community' meets the weird keener dude vibe from 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin.'

We shared the first clip last month, which saw Hanks trying to get Roberts' attention as she drives to work. Now the first official trailer for the comedy has hit the web, which you can see after the jump. This all-out Hanks affair (he wrote it with Nia Vardalos and directed as well) has that old-school cute vibe, and looks like a fun diversion for moviegoers come July 1.
The film stars Hanks as Larry Crowne, a keener worker who, just when he thinks he's about to get his ninth commendation, gets fired for not having a university education. To become "fire-proof," in the words of cast member Cedric the Entertainer, Larry decides to go back to school -- straight into a public speaking class run by a hard-boozing, job-hating professor played by Roberts. He breaks through her shell and, in typical Hollywood fashion, the pair fall for each other.

Check out the trailer below and let us know -- will you hit the theaters to see what becomes of Larry Crowne? It's not quite the stuff of tiara toddlers and Ultimate Sexy Bosom Babies, but maybe that'll come next.