If you're looking to knock Tron Guy off his throne as "world's biggest 'Tron' fan," we know exactly how you can accomplish that mission: visit the TRON house in Milan, Italy.

Disney has teamed up with the DuPont chemical company to design a house made out of Corian, a DuPont-made compound that can be molded into any shape; take a bunch of sleek, minimalist white Corian, wire in some LED lighting and voilà -- they've created a digital pad that would be prime real-estate in the Grid.

What kind of furnishings exist in the TRON home?
Some of TRON house's amenities include a bathroom and "wellness" area (complete with the swankiest hot tub this side of a Kanye West party), a kitchen area you'll be too nervous to eat in and a home-entertainment system, equipped with a 3D Blu-ray player.

Check out a full gallery tour of the TRON house online at crave.

Each room in the house was designed by a different Italian architect, and goes on display from April 12 to the 17, as part of Milan Design Week. If you can't make it over to Milan for a fanboy jaunt, you can probably fashion your own make-shift TRON house with some IKEA furniture and a blacklight -- good luck finding your own Quorra.
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