For a while, we were teased with the possibility of a 'Wonder Woman' film, one possibly helmed by geek hero Joss Whedon, a geek role that courted names like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Megan Fox, Beyonce, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes and more. But the big screen remained a boys' club of superheroes, and Diana Prince was tossed to the small screen.

Now we've got our first look at what a television version of 'Wonder Woman' looks like when it isn't in Linda Carter's hands. TV Squad has shared the first look at star Adrianne Palicki in her crime-fighting costume, and it's looking a whole lot more like a sexy, pvc foreplay getup than a tough and modernized superheroine.

Hit the jump to see for yourself.
Instead of filling us with "Wonder," this super-shiny costume just leaves us wondering -- if TV will cheapen one of the coolest female superheroes, if there's any way to make this getup look convincing and if it were a film, would the costume be better? Could it be like that tougher, redone look for the comics? While there are some challenges in making that retro heroine look fit a modern mindset, this fan attempt offers a whole lot more wonder than what we're getting from the professional powers-that-be.

Is this costume truly befitting the legendary heroine made by the Gods, or is this new Wonder Woman destined for nothing more than sex play costume websites?

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