As one of maybe only three people who isn't a fan of Morgan Spurlock's latest pop documentary sensation, I technically shouldn't be the one posting the new trailer for the film, which I guess is now fully titled 'POM Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.' But like Spurlock, who very reflexively depicts himself selling out to brands who'll finance his film, I'm willing to whore myself out, especially if it has to do with getting people to watch a doc, any doc.

Besides, I'm totally interested in seeing the product placement satire again when it comes out next month (in limited release, April 22), not because I expect to see brilliance and insight I missed at Sundance but because scenes have been added since the world premiere (audiences in SXSW saw the newer cut) and I do honestly love the idea of 'Greatest Movie' being theoretically a never-ending movie.
Expect more than just an ad for the film at hand, since the trailer features most of the film's sponsors, as per the agreements Spurlock makes with these companies. Watch for slightly indirect promotions of POM, Ban, JetBlue, Merrill, Sheetz and others. Wait, by mentioning them, have I contributed to the product placement? I definitely am not seeing any money for that -- nor from Sony for posting the trailer in the first place. Oh well, I still urge you to check out the trailer below, and by all means see the film if you expect to join the majority of viewers who loved it.