One look at this trailer and it's easy to conclude that 'The FP' is not a movie for everyone. It takes a specific sense of humor to really enjoy this type of film, and that's in no way an insult lobbed at people who don't "get" 'The FP' -- in some ways you might be better off going on to live a peaceful existence without this film invading your life with its ridiculous over-the-top-ness.

The best way to explain 'The FP' is to imagine a combination of 'Mad Max,' 'Enter the Dragon,' 'Rocky 3,' 'Rocky 4,' 'The Wizard,' 'The Warriors' and 'Escape From New York.' Now take that weird, sorta-awesome combination of movies and imagine someone spoofing it. That's 'The FP' -- a raunchy, no-holds-barred, post-apocalyptic action-comedy about groups of gang members who square off in intense battles of the video game 'Dance Dance Revolution' ... to the death.