Today on indieWIRE, Todd Haynes' first foray into TV land gets a glowing review, 'Sucker Punch' gets one to the gut, 'The King's Speech' is made kid-friendly, and more.

  • HBO's epic, Kate Winslet-starring miniseries 'Mildred Pierce' earned rave reviews from critic Caryn James on her James on screenS blog. " For what awards are worth, Winslet seems sure to win the Emmy; it's hard to imagine a more gripping or nuanced performance," James wrote. The Todd Haynes ('Far From Heaven') directed miniseries premieres Sunday on HBO.

  • For those of you who wanted to bring your kiddies to the R-rated 'The King's Speech,' fear not. The Playlist reported today that a PG-13 cut of the Oscar-crowned film will make its way to theaters on April Fools Day.

  • French filmmaker Francois Ozon's latest Gallic confection, 'Potiche,' hits select cinemas Friday. In anticipation of the film's release, indieWIRE sat down with the '8 Women' director to talk about working with the venerable Catherine Deneuve and what he has planned next for his loyal followers.

  • The 40th edition of New Directors/New Films, co-produced by the Film Society of the Lincoln Center and the Museum of Modern Art, got off to a rousing start last night with the New York premiere of the star-studded 'Margin Call.' Two directors with films in this year's event, Paddy Considine ('Tyrannosaur') and Goran Hugo Olsson ('The Black Power Mixtape'), sat down with indieWIRE to dish on making it into the festival.

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