Audiences are buzzing with this weekend's release of the action blockbuster 'Sucker Punch,' from the visually trippy eye of Zack Snyder. Taking place in the 1950s, the movie features a disturbed teenager known only as "Babydoll" (Emily Browning) who is committed to an insane asylum and meets four other troubled girls. With their lives in jeopardy, Babydoll leads her new friends to freedom through the power of dreams, by using her surreal ability to go inside her imagination to plot an escape. There, they encounter dragons, zombies and samurais.

Moviefone sat down with the entire butt-kicking gang of girls: Emily Browning, Jamie Chung, Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens and Jena Malone. The five fighters took part in a round of Unscripted, asking questions selected by our audience and a couple of on-the-fly questions thrown in to keep things interesting. Check out the video to the hear the cast of 'Sucker Punch' talk about becoming tough-as-nails action stars, with all the curse words and machine guns that come with it.

'Sucker Punch' Fan Questions

The following questions, submitted by fans like you, were asked during this Unscripted.
  • Jamie:
    If you could play any character in this movie, other than the one that you played, who would it be?
  • Jena:
    Did your onscreen sibling relationship with Abbie Cornish continue once the cameras stopped rolling??
  • All:
    Who'd win in a cage fight: you five, or the guys from '300'?
  • Jena:
    What was your favorite way to wind down after a long day of butt kicking?
  • Jamie:
    Was there a particular female action star that inspired you in your portrayal?
  • All:
    Which one of you ended up with the biggest bruise? And did you enjoy all the wire work?
Sucker Punch
PG-13 2011
Based on 29 critics

Locked away, a girl (Emily Browning) finds freedom from her dark reality in a fantasy world. Read More

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