The time has come. This year's Best Picture Oscar winner, 'The King's Speech,' is heading back to screens in a new, Harvey Weinstein–approved, PG-13 edition.

The Weinstein Company has issued a press release stating that their "family-friendly" version will hit screens on April 1, and will be the only version in theaters. (Meaning: If you didn't see it yet, you can only see it on the big screen in all of its muted glory.)

TWC distribution head Eric Lomis says: "We are thankful to the MPAA for their wisdom and swift action in approving the release of 'The King's Speech PG-13' release. The action enables those whom it speaks most directly -- young people who are troubled by stuttering bullying and similar trials -- to see it."

Oh, the irony...
We've got a company who was, only a few months ago, battling the MPAA and standing up against its wildly ridiculous decisions. We've got a film where the method King George VI used to overcome his physically imposed silence -- the way he broke out of vocal shackles -- has been silenced. And, we've got a press release insinuating that there are legions of kids waiting to see this movie, since any family eager to see it could have gone before, with parental supervision.

And, as filmmaker Edgar Wright tweeted earlier: "The new f**k-free version of 'The King's Speech' is a PG-13 in the US, while the f**k-filled version is rated 12 in the UK. That's f**ked up."

As we reported last month, this new version has not removed any scenes. Instead, whenever the King utters the f-bomb as part of his speech therapy, it will be muted. Apparently, knowing and seeing that the actor is using the word isn't damaging to the poor ears of our young. So long as they don't hear that word, all is good and the film goes from an R to a PG-13.

So the question is: Will any of you -- parents, guardians and others -- be taking your kids to see this film now? And what will you say to your children about these muted words, and how two breakthrough moments of the King's strength have been silenced?

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