Our prayers for a 'Face/Off' sequel remain unanswered (maybe the harpoon wasn't that lethal?), but wishes for at least Nicolas Cage and John Travolta to go head to head again may still come true. Twice even. According to Vulture, the actors will possibly first co-star in 'Shrapnel,' a cat-and-mouse action thriller about a Bosnian soldier looking to get even on the American who wounded him. Hopefully the "wounded him" part means the guy also took his "face ... off" and stole it, switching it with his own. Doubtful, I know.

The script for 'Shrapnel' is by Evan Daugherty, who also penned the upcoming 'Snow White and the Huntsman' (that's the Kristen Stewart one), and was featured on the 2008 Black List of best unproduced screenplays before landing on John McTiernan's directorial slate last fall. McTiernan has since been sentenced to jail on a perjury charge (currently being appealed), so maybe John Woo can step in? Doubtful, I know. (Woo is better off in China, making good films again.) Someone needs to sign on soon, though, as the film is set to begin shooting in June.

The second thriller looking at Cage and Travolta to star is titled 'Sea Trial,' from Oscar-nominated filmmaker Raymond De Felitta (writer and director of 'City Island'). Based on the out-of-print 1980 novel by De Felitta's own father, Frank De Felitta, the film will presumably be about a cheating couple who take a cruise that turns out more wicked than romantic. From the back of the paperback: "It is as though they have embarked on a passage through fire, a cruise through hell." Hopefully Cage and Travolta play the couple, with the "Tracey" character rewritten as a man. Doubtful, I know. But they had such great chemistry in 'Face/Off,' and not just as nemeses. There was something more there.

'Sea Trial' reportedly has a ways to go, financially at least, but we can keep our fingers crossed that the actors will be reuniting soon, caressing each other's mugs as a sign of affection and practicing their respective impersonation of the other.
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