Today on indieWIRE, Zack Snyder's 'Sucker Punch' continues to get pummeled, an up-and-coming British director is profiled, the 'South Park' boys head to Broadway, and more.

  • 'Sucker Punch' continues to get bashed on indieWIRE's blog network. In his review of the ZackSnyder('Watchmen')-directed action pic, Leonard Maltin wrote, "Throughout this sensory assault I kept asking myself the same question: What's the point? And that's the problem: I'm not sure there is one."
  • In her post, subtly titled What the Hell Is Abbie Cornish Doing in Sucker Punch ?Women in Hollywood's Melissa Silverstein tried very hard to understand why the indie darling agreed to take part in the project. Her conclusion? "What good does being in a sucky movie that will get horrible reviews do for a young actress like Cornish. I just don't see the upside."

  • Another film hitting theaters this week, albeit in limited release, is Francois Ozon'sCatherine Deneuve-starring 'Potiche.'The Playlist hailed the comedy as a return to form for the popular French filmmaker.

  • Following The Weinstein Co.'s big night at the Oscars -- where they nabbed Best Picture for 'The King's Speech' -- the company has announced they will soon launch a TV department, a games division and a new PG-13 cut of the royal drama (due April 1). Anne Thompson dissects what the future holds for one of the biggest players in the game.
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