Today on indieWIRE, Zack Snyder's 'Sucker Punch' continues to get pummeled, an up-and-coming British director is profiled, the 'South Park' boys head to Broadway, and more.

  • 'Sucker Punch' continues to get bashed on indieWIRE's blog network. In his review of the Zack Snyder ('Watchmen')-directed action pic, Leonard Maltin wrote, "Throughout this sensory assault I kept asking myself the same question: What's the point? And that's the problem: I'm not sure there is one."
  • In her post, subtly titled What the Hell Is Abbie Cornish Doing in Sucker Punch ? Women in Hollywood's Melissa Silverstein tried very hard to understand why the indie darling agreed to take part in the project. Her conclusion? "What good does being in a sucky movie that will get horrible reviews do for a young actress like Cornish. I just don't see the upside."

  • Another film hitting theaters this week, albeit in limited release, is Francois Ozon's Catherine Deneuve-starring 'Potiche.' The Playlist hailed the comedy as a return to form for the popular French filmmaker.

  • Following The Weinstein Co.'s big night at the Oscars -- where they nabbed Best Picture for 'The King's Speech' -- the company has announced they will soon launch a TV department, a games division and a new PG-13 cut of the royal drama (due April 1). Anne Thompson dissects what the future holds for one of the biggest players in the game.
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