The Strause Brothers' alien invasion flick 'Skyline' didn't really live up to expectations financially. Yes, the $10 million film earned $21 million in ticket sales, but many were banking on the film's slick special effects -- which featured hordes of Los Angeles citizens being sucked skyward into giant UFOs -- to generate even more ticket sales.

Disappointment aside, the Strause boys are already prepping for their next project, a strange-sounding film entitled 'War of the Ages.' Skip past the jump for the full details courtesy of our friends at Movieweb.
Greg Strause took the time to break down 'War of the Ages,' and this is what he had to say:

'War of the Ages' is going to be the next news item. Basically, an ancient artifact is uncovered, time is shattered and the seven greatest war leaders in history have to battle each other out. It's sort of like 'The Lord of the Rings' meets 'Gladiator.' You have Napoleon vs. Julius Caesar vs. Attila the Hun vs. Genghis Khan vs. Alexander vs. Hannibal. So, there you go. It's going to be in 3D and it's a big sword-and-sandal epic."

We'll admit to being intrigued by any film that has a pitch like 'The Lord of the Rings meets 'Gladiator,' but our first reaction to reading the plot breakdown was to wonder if the Strause's had just watched a 'Bill & Ted' movie while under the influence. Kidding aside, it's hard to judge the film's potential based on the pitch alone. It's intriguing to think of history's greatest war leaders duking it out for ultimate supremacy, but how will the script allow for technological differences for the time periods?

It all sounds very high concept, but success will ultimately hinge on whether or not the Strauses can turn that concept into a compelling film.

In order to pique people's interest, the directing duo will re-use a trick that worked well for them on 'Skyline' – they'll shoot a trailer for the film before they actually start principal photography.

We just finished up the script and we have just finished the trailer we shot for it. It's sort of the same way we did 'Skyline,' except this is a much, much bigger film. In 'Skyline,' we shot a 90-second trailer to get everybody excited about the movie before we sold it. We're kind of following in the same footsteps, but learning from the experience and pushing forward."

'War of the Ages' is tentatively scheduled for release this year. What do you guys think? Is this a concept so cool that you want to see it based on the pitch alone or are you expecting another high concept idea with execution that doesn't live up the premise? Wage your own war in the comment section.