With Jennifer Lawrence a lock, Lionsgate is moving ahead with the casting of the male leads for the big screen adaptation of 'The Hunger Games.' Even before director Gary Ross had his Katniss, we were swimming in talk of who's reading for the roles of Peeta and Gale, which at this point feels like nearly every hot young actor in Hollywood. Well, now, according to THR's "insiders," the selection has narrowed because testing for the role of Katniss' Hunger Games co-Tribute, Peeta, happened today and they've got the list of guys who are in contention.

First off, there are the much-talked-about potentials, Josh Hutcherson, Lucas Till and Hunter Parrish. While Hutcherson has been a personal top choice since the start, with Lawrence leading as Katniss, he's feeling far less like a proper fit. The same goes for Till just in terms of looks alone; they may both be 20-years-old, but Till has a far younger look. Parrish, on the other hand, could be a winner visually and talent-wise.

But that's not all we're working with anymore; we've got some new names to toss into the mix.
Apparently Evan Peters of 'Kick-Ass' and Alexander Ludwig of 'Escape to Witch Mountain' are very much in the running as well. The drawback with these two, from our perspective at least, is that they don't have a big body of work. They both do have quite a few films under their belts, but few are leading roles and none suggest that they'd be good for the part. Yes, 'Escape to Witch Mountain' is an action adventure film, but Ludwig hasn't done a single thing since and, well, that film just wasn't very good. Of this batch, my fingers are crossed for Parrish.

While the role of Peeta is the one that was supposedly under the microscope today, THR also had the list of potentials for Katniss' hunting partner, friend and other possible love interest, Gale. Apparently Liam Hemsworth, David Henrie, Robbie Amell, Drew Roy and maybe even more are being considered. Based on lack of talent, let's go ahead and just eliminate Hemsworth right now. Okay, he's quite good looking, but admit it, the guy is totally a one-note performer. It's quite tough to judge the rest because they're far less known in terms of the mainstream movie business. However, all three are pretty big in the Disney and Nickelodeon realms, which actually winds up making them even more difficult to judge.

Experience on shows like 'Wizards of Waverly Place,' 'True Jackson, VP' and 'Hannah Montana' don't tell us much about how they'd hold up in the brutal society of Panem. No, we don't want Lionsgate casting the role based on looks alone, but if we had to choose between these four options that's really all we have to go on, so I'd opt for Amell.

Based on this report, it seems as though we should find out who our Peeta is in the near future followed by the actor cast as Gale. What happens once we've finalized the love triangle? 'The Hunger Games' casting saga continues, of course! We've still got the pivotal roles of Haymitch, Prim, Effie, Cinna, Rue, President Snow and more.
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