UPDATE: Collider tells us via MGM that, despite reports, there are currently no plans to remake Child's Play.

If you've been wandering around your local multiplex thinking, You know, they just don't make enough horror movies about killer dolls these days, then the latest rumor concerning a planned reboot of the 'Child's Play' franchise should make your Monday a little brighter.

Horrorbid is reporting that things are finally starting to move forward on the long-in-development attempt to remake the original 1988 film, which found a young boy terrorized by a Good Guys doll named Chucky who just so happened to be containing the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. The series, known for its goofy mix of comedy and slasher film aesthetics, has become a cult favorite in horror circles.

Read on for the inside scoop on this project.
The series' last entry, 'Seed of Chucky,' hit screens in 2004, and this planned reboot has been kicking around since 2007. The delay was caused by studio politics. MGM owned the rights to the original film, while Universal owned the rights to the sequels, and it's taken nearly four years for them to work out who would own the rights to this new version. The rumor mill says that issue has now been resolved and MGM will oversee the project.
'Child's Play' creator Don Mancini (who's been involved with the writing of each film in the franchise) has completed a script for the updating. Mancini has stated that the film will not be a shot-for-shot remake of the original 'Child's Play' (despite sharing the same title) but instead a reboot with a much darker focus than the original films. We're curious as to just how dark a 'Child's Play' movie can really be; diminutive Chucky isn't exactly a figure who strikes fear into anyone's heart. Naturally, this darker approach means that characters like Chucky's wife Tiffany will not be around. The best news of all is that Brad Dourif will return to lend his distinctive vocal stylings to the Good Guys doll with the bad attitude.

Since Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers all got the big-screen-reboot treatment, it seems obvious that we'd see a new take on Chucky at some point. The idea of removing the corny comedy that came to mar later entries in the series sounds intriguing. The real question, though, is when will we see a 'Leprechaun' remake and can we get Jennifer Aniston in it?
Child's Play
R 1988
In Theaters on November 9th, 1988

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