The struggle for Snow White domination continues.

For a few months now, Viggo Mortensen's name has been leading the charge for Universal's upcoming 'Snow White and the Huntsman.' But just as Kristen Stewart signed on to play the pale-faced beauty, Snow lost her huntsman.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Mortensen has stopped talks on the project, which have been "contentious since the beginning." They're not sure whether this is a negotiation tactic or a formal no-thank-you to the gig, but either way, it's a definite thorn in the side of the studio's project, especially as Relativity finds their prince and princess.
Deadline reports that Armie Hammer has signed onto 'The Brothers Grimm: Snow White' to play Prince Andrew Alcott, while Saoirse Ronan has entered talks for the role of Snow White. Relativity's take on the tale has been moving along swimmingly; they already have Julia Roberts set as the evil stepmother, and stunning visual filmmaker Tarsem Singh in the director's chair. With two critically applauded actors entering the mix, all Singh would have to do is wipe away out memories of 'The Brothers Grimm.'

Just to give them even more cinematic power, Relativity's version already has a release date set -- June 29, 2012. That's half a year before Stewart's adventure with the Huntsman hits theaters on December 21.

Perhaps this is why the world is set to end in 2012. Earth can't handle the power of battling Snow Whites.
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