Mentioning the films 'Twilight' and 'Shaun of the Dead' in the same sentence feels sacrilege, but director Jonathan Levine is describing his newest project as a cross between the two. If he gets his way, the zombie love story, 'Warm Bodies,' will pair Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult in a project based on the upcoming novel by Isaac Marion, according to THR.

Palmer faced a few recent setbacks with collapsed casting. However, earlier this year she starred in the not-so-loved 'I am Number Four,' leaving a lasting impression on fans as the badass alien, Number Six. She's also been attached to some bigger-name projects, including Oliver Stone's 'Savages.' If she joins Levine, she'll be a lead player -- the daughter of a military leader who tries to make peace between zombies and humans.
Hoult will appear in this summer's 'X-Men: First Class' as Beast, and beastie he shall remain tackling the role of a zombie named R, who begins a relationship with Palmer's character after slaughtering her boyfriend. Oops. Their friendship has the potential to transform his flesh-eating ways (for shame).

Production is expected to start this summer, probably after Hoult wraps up 'Jack the Giant Killer.' Is this the right move for the actress, and more importantly, how do you feel about the 'Twilight' angle? Marion's book has gotten some positive reviews so far, leading us to believe there's more than just sappy romance at play. In an interview with our own Todd Gilchrist, Palmer stated, " ... Unfortunately when you play the love-interest role, it's like a lot of the action and a lot of the cool stuff gets to go to the guys because you're usually the damsel in distress and they usually come in and swoop in as your hero and you fall in love with them because of that." Is she in for more of the same with 'Warm Bodies?'
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