It's been a long while since Bill Murray has taken on a real serious role. Even in his more dramatic recent fare like 'The Limits of Control' or 'Passion Play,' his characters have offered a slice of charismatic levity in an otherwise more serious environment. But now, as 'Ghostbusters' fans eagerly await his thoughts on the planned third installment, Murray is turning his attention to something a lot more meaty: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the upcoming film 'Hyde Park on the Hudson.'
According to Vulture sources, Murray has signed on to play FDR in Richard Nelson's adaptation of the British radio play, to be directed by Roger Michell ('Morning Glory'). Another cinematic look into an aspect of the stuttering King George VI's life, this one revolves around FDR's love affair with a distant cousin, and the first time a reigning British monarch stepped on American soil. The King and Queen spent a weekend on the Hudson with FDR in 1939, as World War II was beginning.

This might seem like a copycat production on the coattails of 'The King's Speech.' However, this project has been in the works for a while, and Deadline reports that Film4 had actually turned down 'Speech' when it applied for funding in order to focus on this production.

But back to Bill. There's definitely a resemblance that will work well for the film, especially in a cinematic environment where Josh Brolin can pull of George W. Bush. It might not offer up ghost-filled laughs, but it'll be great to see Murray get serious.

The only question: Who will play Eleanor?
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