One of our editors saw this State Farm commercial starring Gary Cole over the weekend and was sure that anything that puts Gary Cole in office attire must be an homage to the wonderful film 'Office Space.'

But we're on the fence. Cole is certainly dressed just like his character, but nothing else about it screams parody -- or is as funny as we wish an 'Office Space' wink involving one of the movie's best characters would be.
Gary Cole in a State Farm commercial

The commercial has an older, gray-haired Cole, who famously played loathsome boss Bill Lumbergh, asking a couple of young workers for "the figures" while dressed in a pretty lame shirt-tie-and-glasses get-up.

In the 1999 Mike Judge film, Lumbergh constantly asks his beleaguered employees for the TPS reports in his all-too-familiar "boring boss" tone.

But we kind of wish instead of a missing car someone had taken a baseball bat to a windshield or that "casual Wednesdays" would have left Cole shirtless -- like in the film's gross mini sex scene. We want more 'Office Space' in this 'Office Space' commercial!

Gary Cole in 'Office Space'

So what do you think? It was probably meant to be a little nod to 'Office Space,' but could the commercial have gone further? Was it enough of a direct parody of 'Office Space?' Tell us in the comments below!
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