Today on indieWIRE: 'Hanna'gets some love, a recent Oscar-winner opens up about her latest drama, and Michigan gets a bad rep.

Caryn James was lucky enough to catch Joe Wright's ('Atonement') first stab at an action thriller -- 'Hanna' -- and she liked what she saw. "I've found Wright's literary adaptations competent, pretty, and never as moving as they should be," she wrote. "But his coolness works here, and he displays an unexpected flair for large landscapes and zooming action, which never flags."

  • indieWIRE launched its new weekly column, Critical Consensus, which highlights the top critics' picks from the criticWIRE poll. This week the Italian fable 'Le Quattro Volte' beat out the Oscar-winning 'In a Better World' to land atop the list.

  • "Michigan's generous film production tax credits appear to have been too good to be true," Anthony Kaufman reported in his expose on what causes filmmakers to flee the state. For the full story click here.

  • Eric Kohn heaped praise upon Adrien Brody for his committed performance in the indie thriller 'Wrecked,'but didn't think so much of the film itself. "Brody's engagement with the material prevents 'Wrecked' from falling apart," he wrote. "The actor throws himself into the role, eating worms and roaches, facing down hungry wild life and a gun-toting drifter while dissecting the flashes of memory that pop into his head. He spends most of the time crawling, grunting and moaning, his face caked in dirt."

  • Finally on a lighter (and cleaner note) Liza Minnelli (!) showed up to lend her support to Kim Cattrall at a special screening of 'Meet Monica Velour,' in which Cattrall stars as an '80s porn star struggling to make a living. "Thank you for coming out to support independent film, and seeing it the way it's meant to be seen," Cattrall said to the audience.
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