It's hard to believe that it's been 18 years since 'Jurassic Park' made its theatrical debut, but if you've been hankering for a return to Isla Nublar, you won't be forced to pull out your DVD copy to get reacquainted with T-rex. Telltale Games will let you get in on the action firsthand with their new title, 'Jurassic Park: The Game.'

This isn't the first time a game developer has attempted to bring Spielberg's creatures to a game console near you, but it is the first to exist as a side story to the classic film. Players will take control of a female smuggler sent to the island to recover the Barbasol can of dino-embryos lost by Dennis Nedry. Of course, escaping the island with the embryos intact will be quite the challenge as players dodge T-Rex, the 'raptors and a new dinosaur species that poisons its victim with a slow acting neurotoxin before doing unspeakable things to them... Sounds delightful.

Telltale Games, who're also working on a video game version of AMC's hit series 'The Walking Dead,' have released a developer's diary with key creators on the project wherein they talk about what the film means to them, what they hope to accomplish in the game and how devoted they are keeping Spielberg's vision intact.

Hit the jump for the clip and details.

The three-minute-long trailer is sure to whet your appetite for another visit to Isla Nubla as the attention to detail seems quite impressive. Telltale has gone all out in terms of keeping an air of authenticity around the project, going so far as to consult with real paleontologists in order to make sure the dino-science is accurate and up to date.

For the film fans, there are also bits of conversation with key people from Industrial Light and Magic, the guys responsible for bringing Spielberg's creatures to life. The reptiles in the film have aged amazingly well,which is a pointed reminder of just how breathtaking 'Jurassic Park' was back in 1993. Audiences had literally never seen anything like it.

'Jurassic Park: The Game' is set to debut on the PC in April. Five installments will be released, one each month and a console version will debut in September. The game will retail for $34.99.

What do you think? Games based on movies are usually dreadful, but could 'Jurassic Park: The Game' break that trend?

[via Joystiq]
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