Lionsgate has decided to go the 'Paranormal Activity' route with their upcoming "microbudget" slate by offering 10 films per year, made for under $2 million bucks a pop. Real microbudget features are made for considerably less. To put things into perspective for you, Paramount's supernatural success story, 'Paranormal Activity' cost $15,000 to make. The movie eventually went on to gross $108 million worldwide, thanks to a grassroots marketing campaign that took on a life of its own.

So, let's try not to complain, because this means Lionsgate's upcoming roster may be conceptually more interesting with less focus on trying to pander to the masses and fill theater seats -- in theory anyway. The studio has announced the first three films under this new umbrella and one of them includes a film about the Antichrist.
'Hot Tub Time Machine''s Craig Robinson will be engaging in a little devilry in 'Rapturepalooza,' which THR describes as 'Zombieland' meets 'The Big Lebowski.' Robinson's also producing this one -- alongside 'Imagine That' screenwriter Chris Matheson who is penning the thing as well -- with 'Separation City' director Paul Middleitch at the helm. 'Rapturepalooza' picks up after the rapture, that Biblical thing that drags Christians into the sky to hang out with God, and is "a comedic look at life after the fallout of a religious apocalypse."

'Gay Dude,' which wins for worst title ever, has 'Parks and Recreation' writer Alan Yang on its side and is a coming-of-age tale a la 'Superbad.' "Best friends Matty and Michael decide to lose their virginity before graduating from high school, but their quest takes an unexpected turn when Matty tells Michael he's gay." Shenanigans ensue.

'Wolf Creek''s Greg Mclean is tackling '6 Miranda Drive,' which is supposedly based on true events. It's another supernatural/haunted-house flick that threatens to tear a family apart. It sounds generic, but Mclean's characterization is stronger than a lot of the so-called torture-porn film directors he gets lumped in with, and he has a penchant for atmospheric visuals.

Aside from Lionsgate's debatable use of the word microbudget, what do you think of this upcoming slate?
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