Now that Harry and Bella are gasping their last lines on-screen this year, every Hollywood studio is looking for the next great pre-teen/teen franchise. Lionsgate is hoping that 'The Hunger Games' will be their entree into this coveted zone; Warner Bros. acquired 'Heist Society' and Sony bought 'The Mortal Instruments' for the same reason. Now Paramount has optioned the novel 'Earthseed,' a 1983 sci-fi novel that was the first of a young-adult trilogy about a group of teenagers who have been born without traditional parents from the genetic bank of a spaceship.

But Paramount has something the other studios don't: Melissa Rosenberg, who adapted all the 'Twilight' films, is attached to write the script and produce through her Tall Girls Productions.
"'Earthseed' is an incredibly compelling world and I'm excited to dive into it," Rosenberg said in a statement. "The film's premise easily lends itself to an exciting franchise with plenty of room for invention and humor. I'm drawn to complex female characters in compelling high concept stories."

'Farseed,' published in 2007, and 'Seed Seeker,' published in 2010, round out the series written by Pamela Sargent.

Rosenberg is currently writing 'Highlander' for Summit, developing 'AKA Jessica Jones' for ABC and has spent four years as producer and head writer on Showtime's 'Dexter.'
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