If you haven't already watched Dan Trachtenberg's short film 'More Than You Can Chew,' then what are you waiting for? The commercial director and co-host of the Totally Rad Show just recently finished directing a cool short for Black Box TV, a weekly series on YouTube that feels sorta 'Twilight Zone'-ish.

We caught wind of the short a few days ago, and really loved the way Trachtenberg (and co-writer Mark Walker) toy with the audience by constantly altering expectations. Without spoiling it, the short follows two paramedics who show up to the scene of a grisly murder. Things ... get interesting from there.

Watch 'More Than You Can Chew' after the jump now. Trachtenberg was cool enough to answer a few questions for us about the short and what's happened since it premiered, and you can check those out below.

Moviefone: Where did the idea come from?
Dan Trachtenberg: I've always really wanted to do a gritty cop drama with a supernatural perpetrator. When I was approached by Tony Valenzuela, who runs Black Box TV, to do a 'Twilight Zone'-esque short for the series, it made sense to have the "supernatural-ness" be our reveal.

How long was the shoot?
The shoot was one-and-a-half days. We shot it over Super Bowl weekend. So instead of having to wrap before the sun goes down, on our last day we had to wrap in time for everyone to make their Super Bowl parties. Even with the tight time constraints, I must say it was a pretty easygoing shoot. I've been directing commercials for six years now, and I've never had a shoot that was this fun and relaxed.

Would you ever want to turn this into a feature-length film, and do you already have an idea for it?
As luck would have it, since the release of the short I have signed myself a manager and a great team of agents. Priority number one is developing the feature version. Our twist sets up a fairly unique and exciting world. What 'Bourne' did for the spy film or 'District 9' did for alien movies, we could do that for our genre. (I'm being vague in case people are reading this before watching the short.)

What's next for you in terms of directing?
I'm still involved in commercials and I have another big short film that I actually shot a year ago, well before 'Chew,' that is almost ready to be released. It's based on a very unique video game and is riddled with special effects, hence the amount of time it has taken to come out. But those effects have been worth the wait, as we're nearing the finish line and they are looking pretty kick-ass. I can't wait for everyone to see this. So that'll be out soon, and then who knows. I've had some exciting meetings in the past couple weeks since the short came out. Hopefully I get put up for some cool films.

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