We probably don't promote our Twitter feed as much as we should on Cinematical (we're too busy writing up stories!), but needless to say we're very proud of the 21,000-plus community we've built up around our Twitter feed, which alerts readers to all of the posts we house on the site each day, breaks news before it lands on Cinematical, and is also used for some fun, lively real-time discussions and debates.

Because of all the hard work we as a team put into making it the greatest movies-related Twitter feed in the history of the internet, it's rewarding when someone else notices. Our friend Melissa Silverstein over at Women and Hollywood pointed out today that Cinematical was among those on The Times of London's 100 Greatest Arts Tweeters. We're listed at number 40, ahead of folks like Michael Caine, Charlie Sheen, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, to name a few.

The post is unfortunately behind a paywall, but we've posted the film-related feeds (courtesy of Women and Hollywood) after the jump. OH, and follow us on Twitter @Cinematical.

37 Jonathan Ross
You can hear Wossy speak when you read his tweets. He's personable and prolific. The broadcaster chats freely about culture (he loved The Umbrellas of Cherbourg), his children (of course) and his pug, Mr Pickle - complete with adorable pictures, if you like that kind of thing.

38 British Film Institute
The BFI's specialty tweet is a quotation from a film-maker born on the day of posting.

39 Cannes
Come May 11, when the festival starts, this feed (in French and English) will be indispensable for the latest screenings from the yacht brigade.

40 Cinematical
The AOL-owned account has an informal feel, with features and a recent rant about Jennifer Garner's youthful Miss Marple.

41 Armando Iannucci
The self-described "comedy satwitterist" swings from despairing over world crises to revelling in fictional sweary film remakes (Hannah and her Effing Sisters).

42 Indiewire
This news and reviews feed from the New York site is aimed at "independent-minded film-makers and moviegoers" and has an aptly warm and chatty feel.

43 Guy Lodge
Johannesburg-born Lodge blogs about movies, soundtracks and occasionally Britney.

44 Kate Muir
Razor-sharp mini-reviews with star ratings from The Times's indispensable our chief film critic.

45 Michael Caine
"Just got over flu, stopped worrying about that, started worrying about Egypt, might want the flu back." Cute.

46 Peter Serafinowicz
The comic actor tries out material. "Dear Sir/Madam, Your transgender operation was a partial success."

47 Charlie Sheen
The words "fastball", "warlock" and "winning" will never be the same again; the disgraced actor follows Paris Hilton, Sylvester Stallone and Piers Morgan.

48 David Schneider
The comic actor's quirky take on topics of the day suits highbrow affairs (Ed Miliband's marriage) as much as it does gossip (Rebecca Black's singing).

49 Digital Spy
Gossipy posts from the TV, music and showbiz site.

50 Peter Sciretta
The rolling news linked to the Hollywood-based website Slash Film is less biased towards horror and sci-fi than its title suggests.

51 The Hollywood Reporter
A constant stream of great analysis on film (Elizabeth Taylor), TV (Mad Men) and music (Rihanna) with the expected American bias.

52 Time Out
Reviews from their critics mostly, with news about London talks and screenings.

53 Total Film
The UK-based film magazine loosely structures its posts (Tuesdays are Top Five days, on Wednesdays you can ask a question), but mostly it unveils movie posters.

54 Ultra Culture
When you've had enough of overly serious critics, head to Charlie Lyne's perky and respected film-fan feed, linked to a blog Lynn started three years ago, aged 18.

55 Variety
A wealth of screen business news from around the world from the LA-based magazine.

56 Melissa Silverstein
Based in New York, Silverstein runs the Women in Hollywood website and posts a Hollywood feminist of the day on her Twitter feed, among starry film news.
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