Summit Entertainment announced this week that it will produce a direct-to-DVD 'Twilight' prequel that follows the life of a young, human Carlisle Cullen before the events of Stephenie Meyer's books.

Carlisle, played by Peter Facinelli in the films, is the patriarch of the Cullen clan, but he doesn't have as big a role in the movies as in the books.
The 'Twilight' prequel will be released on DVD sometime between the two 'Breaking Dawn' films, presumably to satiate restless fans. It will follow Carlisle's life before Edward (Robert Pattinson) is turned and before Bella (Kristen Stewart) is even born, as he traipses the world with his new vampire powers and new vampire buddies at vampire medical school.

Facinelli reportedly turned down the chance to portray his younger self, and so sources say the role will go to "the guy from 'The Prince and Me'" (actual name: Luke Mably).

Pattinson and Stewart will not appear in the prequel, but a young Edward will, toward the end as Carlisle turns him. The final scene is reportedly the two "hanging out 1901-style."

To add to the bite of this new film, 'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer has said on her website that she did not give the prequels her blessing. "Carlisle is darkly mysterious for a reason," she wrote on her blog. "Plus, who the heck is this guy from 'The Prince and Me'?"

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