With a summer season looking to be stuffed to the bursting point with geeky goodness, 'Green Lantern' often feels dangerously close to being lost in the shuffle. Aside from the controversial costume reveal and a now 5-month-old trailer, things have been pretty quiet on Warner Bros.' end. After all, 'Thor' just debuted its 857th poster -- where is 'Green Lantern'?

In a move that feels like a very loud "You want some 'Green Lantern'? Here's some 'Green Lantern'!", a slightly shorter version of the 'Green Lantern' footage that recently played at WonderCon has made its way to Apple Trailers for your viewing pleasure. Whether you like what's on display here or not, it's obvious from the get-go that this movie has something that most of this summer's releases seem to lack: a truly epic sense of scope.

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Seriously: this movie looks flippin' huge, an unapologetic space opera filled to the brim with hundreds of unique aliens and all kinds of strange visuals. Sure, some of it looks a little shaky -- as would all effects in a trailer for a summer blockbuster still a few months away -- but it's safe to say that director Martin Campbell and Warner Bros. have made the risky decision to not play this one safe. This looks like one geeky movie.

Sure, the movie nerds and the comic fans are going to be sold after seeing this (and let's face it, if you're reading this site, you were probably going to see it anyway), but how are the, ahem, normal folks going to react to something like this? Will audiences be willing to embrace a superhero movie that's not afraid to dive headfirst into a dense and detailed science fiction world (of course, we are fully prepared to help non-fans know what's going on here)? Is Ryan Reynolds -- who looks fantastic in the role of Hal Jordan -- enough of a popular counterbalance to the overabundance of geekery on display here?

Those are questions the marketing departments should be asking. The important thing is that 'Green Lantern' looks bigger and more exciting than any other mainstream movie hitting multiplexes this summer.
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